Are you tired of dealing with the empty promises of janitorial companies? Is constant turnover causing headaches like security issues and cleaning complaints from your coworkers? Polstar offers:

No Long-Term Contracts

Our goal is to provide quality service, not lock you in with a contract.

Balanced Price to Performance

Our experienced team can help you design a cleaning schedule that will maximize your cleaning budget.

Performance Incentives

Routine inspections result in bonuses to employees who consistently do quality work.

A Full Service Provider

Need window washing, carpet cleaning, or extra clean-up for an important event? Polstar can arrange a multitude of additional services to keep your building in top shape.

Sample Service Plans


  • Trash Removal
  • Spot Dusting/Desk Wiping
  • Bathrooms Restocked and Sanitized
  • Spot Vacumming/Sweeping/Mopping


  • Trash Removal + Recycling
  • Detailed Dusting/Desk Wiping/Glass Cleaning
  • Bathrooms Restocked and Sanitized
  • Detailed Vacumming/Sweeping/Mopping